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Cargo Protocol

Cargo Protocol

Discover how Neti, a leading blockchain development company, collaborates with Cargo Protocol to revolutionize the digital asset landscape. Our case study delves into the creation of a non-custodial aggregator for trading, investing, and de-risking through DeFi protocols, offering unprecedented connectivity and clarity.








Cargo Protocol

Non-custodial aggregator for trading, investing and de-risking through DeFi protocols.

Cargo is a system for investing money in Liquidity Pool on the Celo chain. It’s based on UniSwap v3, the most trusted and recognizable exchange protocol in the whole blockchain world. Cargo provides two automated processes to improve user investment in that protocol. The first one is adjusting the narrow price range to concentrate users liquidity and prevent their funds from being out of the trading price range.  The second process is “autocompounding” (reinvesting earned trading fees) system without user interaction to increase user's investment base, making it to logarithmic profitability! With the new version (v3) of the staking protocol, users of UniSwap get a way more stable and riskless platform. In addition, understanding the whole process is way more accessible, as we are no longer deal with multiple types of tokens and don’t need to keep in mind to manage them. You, as the user, have just a single pair of the tokens you chose, and only this pair is involved in the whole process.

Business Needs & Market Situation

Investing money in crypto has to be easy, right? So many people talk about this. It can’t be difficult! Well, most people who haven’t touched the blockchain and crypto world won’t be able to do this when they try for the first time. “Crypto” is still for geeks … even if it brings real opportunities for everyone. With the Cargo product, our customer tries to change that situation and make investments in the crypto world available and understan- dable for everyone and, at the same time.


We had to blaze the trail many times as we were developing something new. It was definitely an interesting journey that taught us a lot. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the integration with Uniswap V3 on Celo chain, we were the first ones who were able to integrate with it. As always in such a situation, we were also testers of the existing Uniswap code and functionality. But after several months of work, we finally got the system ready to be used. 

Second challenge was to create automated, low-gas cost tool that manages, automates, and optimises concentrated liquidity utilising Nonfungible Position Manager from Uniswap V3 to create and manage positions in liquidity pools. This solution required a lot of gas by starting, and closing positions due to each action's NFT burn & creation process. This however was resolved by using the G-Uni Protocol. This solution significantly optimised Cargo and reduced gas consumption. By adjusting the reinvestment frequency and the spread of positions, we now could create different management strategies for users


Solidity, Hardhat, Uniswap V3, Celo, Polygon, NFT, Stablecoins, NodeJs, Vue


We’ve built a platform that allows staking tokens based on version 3 of Uniswap protocol on the Celo chain. The value added by our system is optimizing the range of the prices on which we operate with the staking. Thanks to this, we could pick the right range for the investment. Not too narrow, not too wide, and accurate with the values. Another feature we’ve implemented is the optimal (adaptive) probing frequency. All those aspects allowed us to build an accurate, performant, and stable system with simple and user-friendly interface. The return from the investment significantly crossed our expectations as well as the expectations of our customers.

Customer Feedback

Neti's commitment and ingenuity have played a pivotal role in the development of Cargo. Their expertise in Solidity, Hardhat, and Uniswap V3, among other technologies, has been instrumental in creating a platform that stands out in the crowded DeFi landscape. They were not only able to integrate with Uniswap v3 on the Celo chain, but also optimized our gas consumption significantly, solving one of the most pressing issues in our sector

Neti's focus on user-centric design was a game-changer for us. They ensured that our platform was not only powerful and efficient but also accessible to users of varying crypto experience. The user-friendly interface they helped develop has been widely praised by our users, and we have Neti to thank for that.

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Simon_BarducciSimon BarducciCargo Protocol
“Neti is an up-and-coming security audit firm specialising in the analysis and security of EVM smart contracts. One of our contracts was stress tested and not only were certain design flaws uncovered and fixed, but gas costs were also optimised. Blockchain based dapps are unique in that attack surfaces not only include networks but also economic considerations.”