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Neti Team

Neti is a trusted software development and technology partner from Poland specializing in blockchain technology and custom software development services.
13 yearson the market4 yearsin blockchain development70+delivered projects20+multichain40+employees

Neti Leaders

Leader ImageSylwia Chmurkowska Chief Operating Officer
Leader ImageSławomir Paśko CEO & Founder
Leader ImageSeweryn Ostrowski Chief Technology Officer

Mission, Vision and Our Values


We prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, team members, business partners, and stakeholders. Being relation-oriented means that we approach every interaction with empathy, active listening, and a willingness to understand the needs and perspectives of others. At Neti, we believe that strong relationships built on trust are the foundation for successful projects and long-term partnerships, and we are committed to cultivating these relationships through our actions and behaviors.

Our History

2023: Specialization
2023: SpecializationPolishing skills in EVMs, in parallel started working with HyperLedger, Cosmos, DigitalAssets.2022: Web3 Era2021: DeFi & Neti2020: Neti Summer2019: Blockchain Begins2013: Neti Foundation Year