neti software

We’re a process-driven software development company from Poland.

Our main mission is to help you to create high quality, fascinate and reliable software basing on your concepts and product vision.

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What we do?

Startups & MVPs

We will help you define and prioritize product features to achieve business goals. Based on your product vision and concept we can build the first minimum viable product (MVP) version in just several weeks. Once the MVP is established, a startup can work on tuning the engine.

Web Application Outsourcing Web Applications

We develop a custom web apps which suits your business needs in a cost-effective manner.

Our services encompass Custom Application Development, Reverse Engineering, Integration, Porting, Testing, Deployment and Continues Integration.

Business solutions

We develop and maintain business related applications and solutions (CMS, CRM, ERP, MRP) adjusted to your business workflow and processes.

We can develop custom B2B or B2C Portals, Enterprise Information Systems, Communities & Networks, Media Portals, and more.

Mobile apps

We create both native and web based mobile apps that can make your life easier by providing easy access to your data, simplify and enhance communication, allow to collect and store data in offline.

Our services include - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 Apps

Scalable Services & Real-Time Web

We specialise in creating applications that handle thousands of connections, data streaming with intensive data exchange, real-time tracking applications, etc.


We work with the most effective and well-knows and widely used e-commerce or online sales frameworks and solutions.

Neti helps e-commerce businesses of all sizes and from all market segments ensure high performance together with constant innovation to remain ahead of the curve.